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  務必記居處推薦的閥門的用處是什麽,並對所利用的環境進行分析,如許才能決定最適合於安裝什麽樣的閥門。在安裝精確的閥門之前,為了防止損壞閥門,並保證充分發揮閥門的工作性能 ,請瀏覽一下安裝指南。  Analyze the application to determine which valve is best suited for installations, keeping in mind the service for which the valve is recommended. Before installing the correct valve, review the installation instructions to prevent damage to the valve and to assure its maximum efficiency.

先沿著垂直方向切割管道,並修整、往除毛刺,丈量管徑 。Cut tube end square. Ream, burr and size. 使用紗布或鋼絲刷清除管道和切割部位,使其金屬表麵發光發亮 。建議不要使用鋼絲絨。Use sand cloth or steel wire brush to clean both ends to a bright metal finish. Steel wool is notrecommended. 在管道的外麵和焊接罩的內部塗上焊劑,焊劑必須完全覆蓋焊接表麵 。請有節製地使用焊劑。Apply flux to outside of tube and inside of solder cup. Su***ces to be joined must be completely covered. Use flux sparingly. 要確保閥門處於開啟狀況 。先對管道加熱。盡可能多的將熱從管道傳遞到閥門。避免延長閥門本身的加熱時間。Be sure that valve is fully open. Apply heat to tube first. Transfer as much heat as possible through tube into valve. Avoid prolonged heating of valve itself. 銀釺焊的方法:對需要進行釺焊的部件進行組裝。假如許可塗上焊劑的部件處於豎立狀況,那麽焊劑中的水分會蒸發掉 ,而幹燥的焊劑很輕易脫落,導致暴露的金屬表麵輕易被氧化。在進行連接組裝時,要將管道插進管套直到碰到反對為止。組裝是要保證有穩固的撐持,使得全部釺焊操縱過程中能夠保持在直線位置。 Silver Brazing Method: Assemble parts to be brazed. If fluxed parts are allowed to stand, the water in the flux will evaporate, and dried flux is liable to flake off, exposing metal su***ces to oxidation. Assemble joint by inserting tube into socket hard against the stop. The assembly should be firmly supported so that it will remain in alignment during the brazing operation.

  注:對於1英寸或更至公稱通徑的閥門,一次性將連接部件加熱到所需溫度比較困難。為了在全部大麵積上保持正常的溫度,通常情況下需要兩個焊槍。建議對全部管套區域進行適當的預熱。建議采用乙炔火焰對連接部件進行加熱。首先從離閥門1英寸的地方開始對管道進行加熱,然後圍繞著管道短間隔上下交替對管道進行火焰烘烤,並以適當的角度旋轉管道,避免燒穿管道。火焰要連續活動,不許可停留在某一點上。  NOTE: On one-inch and larger valves, it is difficult to bring the whole joint up to temperature at one time. It will frequently be found desirable to use a double-tip torch to maintain the proper temperature over the larger area. A mild pre-heating of the whole socket area is recommended. Apply heat to parts to be joined. The preferred method is by oxy-acetylene flame. Heat tube first, beginning one inch from edge of valve. Sweep flame around tube in short strokes up and down at right angles to run of tube. To avoid burning through tube, the flame should be in continuous motion and not allowed to remain on any one point.  在閥門的套筒底座用火焰進行烘烤。加熱要均勻 ,用火焰對閥門及管道進行火焰烘烤的過程要延續到閥門上的焊劑不再發出聲音。不要對閥門過度加熱。  Apply flame to valve at base of socket. Heat uniformly, sweeping flame from valve to tube until flux on valve becomes quiet. Avoid excessive heating of valve.  當焊劑變成液態並且在管道和閥門上呈現半透明狀況時,開始將火焰沿著連接部件的軸線進行進退烘烤,以保持連接部件、特別是閥門套筒底座部位的熱度 。  When flux appears liquid and transparent on both tube and valve, start sweeping flame back and forth along axis of joint to maintain heat on parts to be joined, especially toward base of valve socket.

使用適量的焊料:假如使用線狀焊料 ,那麽對公稱通徑為3/4英寸的閥門就要采用3/4英寸的焊料,等等。假如使用的焊料太多,那麽有些焊料可能會流過管道反對部位,並堵塞密封區域。在安裝連接部件時,可以看到焊料和釺焊合金繼續活動Use just enough solder: with wire solder, use 3/4" for a 3/4" valve, etc. If too much solder is used, it may flow past tube stop and clog sealing area. When joint is filled, a continuous run of solder or brazing alloy will be visible. 銀釺焊法:將焊線或焊杆點在閥門裏的管道套座上。當焊杆或焊線進進連接處時要將火焰從其上麵移開。當合金流進連接處時,要前後移動火焰。達到適當的溫度後,合金將迅速輕易地流進管道外殼和閥門套管之間的空間。連接處被布滿後,就會看到焊接合金的邊沿。 Silver Brazing Method: Apply brazing wire or rod at point where tube enters valve socket. Keep flame away from rod or wire as it is fed into the joint. Move flame back and forth as alloy is drawn into joint. When the proper temperature is reached alloy will flow readily into space between tube outer wall and valve socket. When joint is filled, a continuous rim of brazing alloy will be visible. 當焊料處於粘滯狀況時,用刷子把多餘的焊料清除幹淨。焊料冷卻後,將一條嵌條環繞在閥門的端口。Remove excess solder with small brush while plastic, leaving a fillet around end of valve as it cools.


  假如采用不同的釺焊材料,其釺焊連接的強度並不見得很好 ,強度大小取決於管道外殼與閥門套管之間正常的 、大範圍的清潔維護工作。銀釺焊的閥門套管的內部直徑的機械公差和表麵光滑度要求非常精確,以確保有足夠的附出力。  The strength of a brazed joint does not vary appreciably with the different brazing materials, but depends to a large extent upon the maintenance of proper clearance between the outside of the tube and the valve socket. The interior dimensions of silver brazing valve sockets are machined to the closest tolerances and finished smooth to promote full capillary attraction.  重視:在清理和清除過程中,應當細心的觀察清洗介質的殘留物 。在已弄髒或不精確清洗的表麵上進行釺焊,焊接效果就很難令人滿足,由於銀釺焊合金並不會流過或粘接在氧化物上,而油汙的表麵及暴露的、輕易氧化和導致空隙和雜物排斥焊劑。  NOTE: Care should be observed in cleaning and in removing residues of the cleaning medium. Attempting to braze a contaminated or improperly cleaned su***ce will result in an unsatisfactory joint. Silver brazing alloys will not flow over or bond to oxides. Oily or greasy su***ces repel fluxes, leaving bare spots which oxidize and result in voids and inclusions.


  硬渣、汙物或任何外部物質在管道內積累都可能妨礙閥門的工作效率並嚴重損壞閥門的關鍵部件。必須用空氣或蒸氣對管道內部進行徹底清洗。   Grit, dirt or any foreign matter accumulated in the pipe can hinder efficient valve operation and seriously damage vital valve parts. Thoroughly clean pipe internally with air or steam.   當對管道進行攻絲時,要測定管道螺紋的尺寸和長度,避免將管道塞滿閥座和閥瓣 。徹底清洗螺紋末端,清除任何有害的鋼或鐵沉澱物。假如要時焊接更牢固,就要使用特氟隆帶或管道粘接劑。在管道螺紋上隻能少量使用管道粘接劑,但是在閥門螺紋上盡對不能使用管道粘接劑。不要讓任何管道粘接劑流進閥體內,以避免損壞閥瓣和閥座。  When threading pipe, gauge pipe threads for size and length to avoid jamming pipe against seat and disc. Thoroughly clean threaded end to remove any harmful steel or iron deposits. For a good1頁

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